Sump Pump Alarm


“It’s Like Installing Peace of Mind”

How it Works

Dual Sensor Water Alarm:

Monitor two areas with the included digital water detector and digital float switch.  Sensors will signal and audible alarm and trigger a text notification.

Power Failure Alerts:

Pitboss not only powers through the outages using 4 AAA batteries, but also sends a text notification if power is lost. Notifications are sent for low battery levels as well.

Temperature Sensor:(optional)

PitBoss sends text message notifications immediately after detecting the temperature has dropped below 45 °F.
Frozen pipes lead to catastrophic damages to your property.


  • No dedicated phone line or WiFi network needed.
  • Know instantly of high water or lost power to your home.
  • Two water sensors monitor our sump, ejector, sewage pit or nearby drain.
  • Trusted and patented cellular technology used by thousands across the country.
  • Works side by side with your battery backup sump pump system.
  • Works with all brands of sump and sewage pumps.
  • Text message notifications plus 100db audible alarm help you avoid costly damage.
  • Great for homeowners, landlords and property managers.

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saving product installed in your home!

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