Vacuum Truck

Common vacuum cleaning services R.B. Satkowiak’s City Sewer Cleaners provides are:

  • Sanitary and storm sewers
  • Catch basins and manholes
  • Lift stations
  • Grease traps
  • Oil-water separators
  • Sand traps, trenches
  • Vaults and chambers

  • Flooded basements
  • Crawlspaces
  • Retention pond drains
  • Waste-water treatment plant pits and tanks
  • Car wash pits
  • Our vacuum services are also included as a part of our hydro-excavation services



R.B. City Sewer Cleaners is licensed by the State of Michigan as an Industrial Waste Hauler. We have access to an array of vacuum equipment, ranging from 55 gallon push-carts to 6,000 gallon trailers that can carry liquids, solids, sludge, and pure dry products. We use this vacuum equipment to service residential, municipal, commercial, farming and restaurant industries just to name a few of our customers. Often times, our vacuum services are coupled with our jetting and video inspection services to provide quality cleaning.

We specialize in adapting to unique situations, such as extreme depths, distances and confined spaces. Please contact us at (989) 753-9971 for a free quote.

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