Pipeline Inspection

pipeline inspections


roots2Pulled out of a 4″ PVC Drain Pipe

R.B. Satkowiak’s City Sewer Cleaners has multiple pipeline inspection systems that are capable of inspecting 3″ to 96″ diameter pipe. Our push cameras are used for smaller diameter lines typically accessed through clean-outs. Our self-propelled cameras are used in lines 6″ in diameter and larger pipes. We have PACP-trained and certified operators. In addition to inspection, our services also generate computer reports detailing all pipeline defects in PACP code.

Using us for your inspection requirements will provide you with results, whether it is determining repairs that need to be made or checking the overall condition of the pipe. When combining our electronic locating capabilities with inspection, we can pinpoint a problem, minimizing the amount of exploratory excavation needed to find the pipe.

If your house or business continues to have backups, give us a call and we will find and fix the cause of the recurring backups. When purchasing a home, contact us to inspect the sewer pipe from the house to the city main or septic tank to evaluate its condition.

Please contact us at, 989 753-9971 for a free quote.

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