Grease Trap Cleaning


Grease traps need regular cleaning

Grease traps are an essential part of a restaurant’s sewer and drainage system. By keeping grease and other materials from going down the drain, they help keep the sewer line free of build up and flowing freely. Once a grease trap becomes full, it allows grease to enter the sewer system, creating build up that will eventually result in a clog in your sewer system.

Whether your grease trap is 5 gallons or 10,000 gallons, we can create a custom preventative maintenance plan to meet your needs.

Grease trap cleaning

We offer our clients fast emergency grease trap cleaning and timely scheduled maintenance.


Scheduling regular service

The Local Water & Sewer Commission requires that grease traps are cleaned on a monthly basis or when they are 1/4 full of grease. If you set up a preventative maintenance agreement, we will track your cleaning schedule for you. Also, we will work around your schedule by offering flexible hours.

By partnering with us, you can focus on making great food and let us worry about your drains and grease traps.

Why Choose Preventative Maintenance

  1. Save up to 60% on emergency prices.
  2. Avoid costly backups that always occur at the worst possible time.
  3. We will track your maintenance schedule for you and contact you when you are due for service.
  4. We work around your schedule. Whether early in the morning, in the middle of the day, or late at night, we will be there when you need us.
  5. Preventative Maintenance Plan will ensure you stay compliant with local regulations.

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